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How to Use GCash in the UAE:

A Guide for Filipino Expatriates

The United Arab Emirates is home to a significant community of Filipino expatriates working away from their homeland and seeking effective ways to financially support their families back in the Philippines. In this article, we’ll explore how to use GCash, the leading financial app in the Philippines, from the UAE, and how to integrate it with Tap Tap Send for an optimized money transfer experience.

What is GCash?

It is a mobile application acting as an electronic wallet, enabling users to perform a multitude of financial transactions. From sending money to paying bills, and buying load, it makes daily financial management a breeze.

Using GCash from the UAE

For Filipinos residing in the UAE, GCash may seem daunting at first, but it’s quite straightforward. First, ensure you have an active Philippine mobile number, as it’s a requirement for registering and using the app. Next, download the app and follow the registration instructions.

Step by Step: Transferring with GCash

  1. Registration: Download the app and sign up using your Philippine mobile number.
  2. Sending Money: Navigate to the send money option and enter the recipient’s details. Confirm the amount and complete the transaction.

Introduction to Tap Tap Send

Tap Tap Send is a money transfer app allowing users in the UAE to send money to the Philippines quickly and cost-effectively to multiple countries, including the Philippines. Its advantage lies in its ease of use and competitive exchange rates.

Integrating with Tap Tap Send

For those looking for maximum flexibility in their money transfer options, combining GCash with Tap Tap Send can be a wise strategy. Use Tap Tap Send to top up your account or to make direct transfers when more advantageous.

Using GCash in the UAE is an excellent option for Filipino expatriates wishing to send money home. By combining GCash with Tap Tap Send, you can enjoy convenience, security, and favorable exchange rates, ensuring that more money gets to where it’s needed most.

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